6. Was Trussell actually under the influence of alcohol?

         I think your description of him as "slightly drunk" is a good assessment.  He obviously does not imbibe as regularly (if at all) as Cassidy.  Trussell imagines that the unpleasant taste of the bourbon must be similar to "drinking brake fluid."  Cassidy pours another round of drinks even though Ronnie and Trussell have not finished the first round.  We don't know whether they finished the drinks or not, only that Trussell lost his jar when they made their "puppy pile."  Clearly they are feeling the effects of the alcohol but not enough to lose their senses.

         Sometimes when adolescent males drink in a group, which they are inclined to do, they individually exaggerate the effects of the alcohol.  That's not surprising since, even without the use of drugs, adolescent males in groups often exaggerate their actions and stories.