2. Did your stepmom actually own a Beauty Parlor?  Did you work there?

         No, my stepmom never owned or worked at a beauty parlor, but my mother did both.  We were living in Birmingham at the time, and I was about eight years old.  While I never worked there, my older brother (yes, he was a big pain), by about five years, did.  He did the sort of things that Trussell did in Chapter 4, cleaning, mopping, picking up, and airing the place out.  Of course, I was an observer to the daily operation of the shop, and can still remember the look and smells of the place.  And next door was a cleaners.  There's a line in Chapter 8, page 128, that mentions small mounds of reeking cleaning solvent on the lot behind Loretta's parlor.  Same for my mother's place.  You never wanted to step in one of those piles.