8. Trussell often refers to Cassidy and Ronnie as 'Brer Bear' and 'Brer Fox.'  If this is the way they always behave with him, why is Trussell their friend?

         Cassidy and Ronnie don't always treat Trussell that way, just when they see a good opportunity.  I think this is fairly typical behavior for adolescent males in groups.  They have a pecking order, share their bounty in good times, help one another in bad times, and horse around with each other.  This horsing around is a way to see who is the most courageous and who has the most skill.  They love to try and best one another, sometimes in sports, sometimes by taking a dare, sometimes by just showing off.

         If some in the group think that a peer is not being bold enough, they will poke that person about it.  If someone is trying to hide something from the others, rest assured that the group will try and find out.  Adolescent males in groups, like wolves, are learning who can best lead the pack and who can be counted on in bad times as well as good.

         Well, this is my opinion and observations about adolescent males in groups.  Ask some of the guys in your classes, keeping in mind they may want to appear to you to be more "gentlemanly" in their male peer groups than they really are.