2. How did you come up with the title for this Chapter 8?

         Coming up with titles for the chapters was just about the last thing I did before the manuscript went to press.  I went through each chapter to see what it was mainly about, how it fit in with the rest of the story, and what would be an appropriate title, reflecting, if possible, both theme and playfulness.  Naming the chapters was sort of an old fashioned thing to do, but I had fun doing it and liked the results.

         Chapter 8, "How Crazy is She?" reflects a serious concern that Trussell has, Loretta's sanity.  But he manages to make a game out of his quandary, tossing an imaginary basketball at imaginary hoops and keeping a "craziness score." The very real possibility that Loretta might be "crazy" would be a frightening reality for Trussell.  The game part I think is his way of trying to face that possibility while reducing his own anxiety - through the use of humor.  As you say, this blends the comic and the serious.

         Loretta is in a state of gradual mental and physical decline and this chapter and its title bring that possibility directly to the reader's attention.  This will help explain some of her bizarre actions that we see later, for example, as in acquiring "Baby John."