5. In the book, Trussell and Ellen seem to know each other rather well to not really be friends.  Was the same true between you and your wife?

         Yes, I think so.  Dorris lived directly behind our house.  That closeness, however, did not contribute to any interaction with her or her family.  They might as well have been on Mars.  She may have learned something about me (I was fairly active outdoors), but I learned little about her, except that she stayed inside most of the time.

         We were classmates at Johnson Elementary School in the 6th and 7th grades.  In fact, she used to sit right across from me in both grades.  She was a quiet, shy, very bright person, and, even though she had little to do with me, we did share common experiences for two years as a part of the same classes.  I saw how she did in school, what she liked to do during recess, whom she sat with at lunch, what books she read, what she laughed at, and so forth.  Of course, she had the same opportunity to observe me.

         I didn't have a particular problem talking to girls.  I got along well with them and developed school friendships with several.  But Dorris just didn't seem interested in me.  Of course, she didn't seem interested in any other boys either.  But that was hardly a consolation.

         We also attended the same school for the eighth grade, Junior High School, though not in the same class.  That same situation was true at CHS for our freshman through junior years.  In our senior year, we finally sat in the same class (advanced algebra & trig) together.  It was then that we started dating.