11. Did you really dress up as a girl?
12. Was Gator's gang after you like in the book?

       Let me answer these questions together.

         No, to both questions.  I didn't dress up as a girl, and nobody's gang was after me.

         Who suggested that Trussell dress up as a girl?  That was Mr. Childs.  And who set Gator's gang (though unintentially) after Trussell?  That was Trudy.  These events were not based on anything in my own life, but came into the story as a result of these two fictional characters and their unique personalities.

         Mr. Childs does try to help Trussell throughout the story, beginning with the "shotgun lesson."  But we see that Mr. Childs' advice, as well as his actions, stretch the limits of reason, if not the law.  So when you have a character like that, a writer simply asks "What kind of crazy plan (on the funny side) would Mr. Childs come up with? "  So, I can point the finger at Mr. Childs and say, "He did it!"

         Much the same is true of Trudy.  She was a calculating, no-nonsense person who could hold her own with anybody.  We know that she took the fight to Gator and wanted to embarrass him.  Not only that, she kept his motorcycle.  When she was nearly caught by the gang, she ditched the motorcycle behind Trussell's garage, setting in motion a series of events that continued through the rest of the story.  Again, I would say that Trudy was responsible for those events being created.  She just made it possible for me to see what some of those events might be and whom they would affect.  So, I point the finger and say, "Trudy did it."

         In short, Mr. Childs and especially Trudy set in motion a series of events that helped to shape the subsequent story.