6. What is the personal significance of the Johnson School playground?

         For me, it was just a playground that my friends and I sometimes used after school.  It had plenty of space, lots of swings, and areas to play ball.  Before the tornado hit in March of 1953, the area behind the school was a beautiful forest of large pine trees.  It was lovely to view especially from the classroom and a great place to play Hide and Seek, Kick the Can, or whatever.  Today, when Dorris and I drive by, we can't help but remember how lovely those trees were.

         Without a car, Trussell really didn't have many options.  Where would he take Ellen?  What would they do?  The Johnson playground was located just down the hill within easy walking distance of their houses.  Swings and seesaws were available, and maybe a ballgame to watch.  More importantly, it was a very familiar setting for both of them, making it easy to recall those shared experiences.  Finally, it was safe.  Even Mrs. Harmond had no objection to the playground visit.