7. If you had to make the choice between to stay with Loretta or leave Columbus and all of your good friends to live in Birmingham which would you choose?
         This is a choice that is looming on Trussell's horizon, but his choice is much more difficult than the question you posed to me because of Ellen.   I'm assuming that you haven't finished reading the book yet, so I don't want to give anything away by talking about Trussell.

         Personally, I would not live with an unstable person no matter what.  I could tolerate my stepmother (she and I had some problems but she was nowhere near as nutty as Loretta) during high school because I knew I was going to college in a few years and then be gone.  That's what I did, in fact.  I went straight through college in three years because I didn't want to go home during the summer months.

         Surprisingly, after I graduated and became completely independent, my stepmother and I got along much better.  I returned to Columbus and boarded at the house for a year while teaching (eighth grade shop) at Roland B. Daniel Elementary.

         Will Trussell be as fortunate?