6. When Ronnie and Trussell find the note from Trudy, they suddenly become nonchalant about the whole thing - especially Trussell.  Why is this?  Do they just not care?

         If I wanted to show Ronnie and Trussell being nonchalant or not caring about Trudy's situation, I would consider showing them laughing and joking about it or have Trussell tossing the paper in the air and saying "So long, Trudy!  It was nice knowing you!"

         As it is, the boys do recognize the danger that Trudy and Cassidy both are in.  Trussell, who knows Trudy best, thinks that Trudy is "out of town by now."  So, that would remove her from any immediate danger.  The boys also realize that there is nothing they can do immediately to help either Trudy or Cassidy.  True, the boys don't agonize over the situation, but being a little tipsy, as they are, they are probably feeling less inclined to worry about the possible misfortunes of others.