4. What is your favorite part of the book?  Why?
         My favorite part of the book is Chapter 7, "School Days Again," although I also enjoyed (writing and rereading) Chapter 10 "Confessing to the Dead."

         Dorris (my wife) and I were classmates at Johnson Elementary as were Ellen and Trussell.  And, as Trussell did with Ellen, I kicked up a lot of dust around Dorris but little else happened.  I knew she was special, and she knew of me mainly (I thought) as a pest.  I wanted to interact with her but had little idea how to do so.  She was a quiet person, not too inclined to grant interviews, so that was that.  That is, until high school at CHS.  We started dating in the last months of our studies there.  I hoped by then she would have forgotten about those earlier, pesky days with me.

         Chapter 7 is my version of what might have happened if Dorris and I had had such a date.  I really enjoyed writing it, thinking about those times again, and changing the events so that at last, the boy and the girl get together.