3. Why did you decide for Miss Sealey to leave the Jones's residence?

       Hey, I didn't decide that.  Loretta did!

         Getting rid of Miss Sealey was a completely illogical thing to do.  Loretta needed the extra income, and Miss Sealey's offenses were relatively minor, perhaps worthy of a warning.  When Loretta explains her actions to Trussell, she presents him with the evidence with all the pride and joy of Sam Spade solving a great mystery.  It just doesn't add up logically.

         And that is the point.  She is not acting logically.  This is one of the signposts for the reader that Loretta is not dealing with people or with situations in a rational manner.

         Miss Sealey does return later in Chapter 16 for a brief encounter with Melba and Trussell at the entrance to St. Francis Hospital.