5. Have you ever snuck out of the house without clothes on?

         Yes, a couple of times, when I was about Trussell's age, in the same way he describes in the book.  There wasn't much risk of being seen, but it was a risk nonetheless, enough to make it challenging.

         "Streaking" became a popular fad among college students in the 70s.  At UGA it started off with someone running naked across the football field during game time and later grew to large numbers of students "streaking" around their dorms.  From our house, which is adjacent to the UGA campus, we could hear the whoops and hollering coming from the dorms.  I guess I was just ahead of the times.

         UGA students went on to establish a record for the largest group of simultaneous streakers (1,543) in 1974, still unbroken to this day (according to Wikipedia).