4. ... did you ever give drunken soldiers rides?

         No.  We never did that.  Once on our nighttime cruises, however, we did give a sober soldier a ride.  My friend, who was driving, had just been promoted to a lieutenant in his ROTC unit, and I think he wanted to brag a bit.  In fact, I know he did.  He pointed in the back seat at me and told the soldier that I was just a sergeant.  We dropped the soldier off (yes, late at night) on the Warm Springs Highway where he hoped to hitch a ride to Atlanta.

         Hitchhiking back then (the 1940s and 50s) was a common occurrence.  On long trips, my dad, who had a heart problem, would always look for a hitchhiker (college students were easy to spot) who could drive.  Daddy would turn the car over to him, and away we would go.  No problem.  Today, a person would be crazy to do that.  Of course, you don't see many hitchhikers these days either.