1. What made you want to become a writer in the first place?

         My interest in music and literature sustained me through some trying days in college. I read novels, poetry, minored in English, took a creative writing course, and wrote several short stories.  I was surprised one day when my professor read aloud to the class part of a story I had written and then said, "I wish I had written that."  Although I wasn't sure why he said it, I was pleased to hear his comment.  I hoped someday I could do more.

         My graduate degrees, however, were in psychology taking me off the creative writing track and towards scientific and technical writing.  In fact, I used to teach a course in technical writing. 

         Although I started a novel once, my muse was fickle, requiring large chunks of time before she would appear.  No weekend gigs for her.  I had to wait for retirement before I could really start writing a novel in earnest.